Quidestnovi Travel essentials specially made to suit every traveler’s needs. About Our Company As an avid wanderer, Destiny Nolan dedicates at least a month within a year to travel to a place she hasn’t been before. During her adventures, she noticed that a lot of the basic necessities she needed to have a comfortable stay at budget accommodations are not always available.

After looking online for answers, the gears that she found are either too expensive or too poor in quality. She knew that the only way to get what she needed is to design those things herself. Along with her travel buddy, Quintin Villegas, they founded Quidestnovi to help travelers, like themselves, have the best time without spending too much.

As the business expands, Quidestnovi hopes to influence travelers to practice sustainability and environmentally-habits. To lead by example, we’ve partnered with Children For Tomorrow Foundation. They collect recyclable materials, which we can turn into raw materials for some of the products. They use the profits to educate children around the globe about the climate crisis and what they can do to help. Our Products Travel Backpacks Wayfarer 40+10 Large enough to store everything you need for week-long travels while being compact enough to fit in the overhead compartment.

Perfect as a hand-carry luggage to save you from additional baggage expenses. With AirCool 2.0, wearing this at your back feels light even when exploring through humid, tropical countries. Voyager 50+10 Backpacking across multiple countries is much easier when you don’t have wheeled luggage to worry about. Despite its weight and size, the UltraFit Technology allows you to carry this bag without taking too much toll on your back. Nomad 70+10 For the ultimate traveler who never stays in one place for too long, this is the perfect gear that will allow you to store everything you need in one place.

With this, you won’t have to stress about keeping an eye on all your belongings as they are all secured with slash-proof fabric and TSA-recommended lockable zippers. Disposable Bedsheets Sleeping on hostels allows you to hang out with like-minded people during your trip. However, because of the cheap costs, you can expect that some places aren’t squeaky clean.

So, to make sure that you’re sleeping on a fresh sheet, why not bring your own? This thin microfiber cloth is designed to be pocketable when folded so as to save space in your luggage but opens up to cover a twin bed. Check out more of our products by browsing our website. Don’t forget to follow us on our social media accounts to stay updated on our latest offers!